A Few Words About Us

Sapphire has been a leading provider of IT staffing solutions and services. We are known for providing the best staffing experience and taking great care of our clients and employees. Our client-centric model provides focus, commitment and a dedicated team to help our clients achieve their business objectives. For consultants and employees, we offer an enriching experience that promotes career growth and lifelong learning.

Our strategies developed from logical axiomatic approach and rigorous proofs remain the cornerstone in providing expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing.

Our Statement

Putting forth the theory that mathematics is an extension of logic and therefore some or all mathematics is reducible to logic comes our statement.

"We like simple – simple is good and easy"

The Axiomatic method brought to the extreme, results in logicism. From this logicism we provide our clients highly differentiated end to end business services that combine consulting, technology and business process.

Our Core Values

Respect for Individual

Fostering a diversified, trusting and pleasant atmosphere. Valuing unique contributions and safeguarding employee well being reflects Sapphire's values.

Axiology – ETHOS

Ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources to protect the brand and meeting our commitments to stakeholders.


Conformity with esthetic standard of correctness is Sapphire's USP.


Taking responsibility for our actions, matching actions to our words and fostering a culture with ethics, honesty and trust reflects Sapphire's values.

Nurturing and building leaders

Identifying leaders at an early stage and nurturing them to become future driving force in Sapphire which is top priority.


Sapphire promotes healthy environment for bringing and delivering extraordinary solutions to our clients.

Kernel – Creating value for client

Delivering solutions that provides clients with high-quality solutions, lower costs and quicker results is priority but enabling clients achieve their goals by being responsive and consistent has given us an edge and is our core kernel.


In alliance with various market leaders, Sapphire has been successful in delivering projects on time for our clients.


Formally unusual, Sapphire strives to deliver solutions which are first of its kind.

Talent Retention

Business mentoring programs that drive employee talent development, helps Sapphire with higher employee retention and has resulted in more engaged employees.

Hiring Best of Breed

Attracting, Hiring and Retaining the best people in industry, functionally specialized in particular industries and/or technological skills has been our key differentiators in marketplace.