Business Solutions

Solving IT Business Challenges

We are software craftsmen
At Sapphire, we craft custom software applications that are beautiful, smart, durable and free of defects in workmanship.

Highly motivated and skilled individuals adhere to Agile software development principles when working with our clients, we:

  • Solicit feedback regularly
  • Encourage open collaboration
  • Respond to change gracefully
  • Deliver software that works
At Sapphire, we offer a suite of services designed to meet the needs of your web, mobile and embedded projects. Two examples of recent projects include
  • Mobile Fit. Sapphire designed and developed a custom mobile application for members of the YMCA who enrolled in their Mobile Fit program, allowing members to log-in to their personal accounts and track fitness related information.
  • Extract/Transform/Load (ETL). Sapphire developed for a large insurance subrogation company. This client had 200 Data Junction ETL programs that extracted data from Claims Data supplied by its clients and then loaded them into a local database. Sapphire used a blended development model with resources at the client site for integration and testing as required by the project and off-shore resources for pure development/test functions. The solution accomplished the client's goal to migrate all 200 Data Junction programs to work under Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Sapphire's specialty areas include

  • On-site/off-site/blended application development
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Mobile strategy planning

We are agile
We iterate rapidly to deliver on time and on budget. To ensure success, we program in pairs, drive development through tests and continuously integrate newly created functionality into existing applications.

We are principled
Partnerships with clients that are meaningful, respectful and productive yield the greatest results. We'll listen closely to your needs and work hard to exceed your expectations, but we do even more. When we create software, our clients remain involved in every aspect of the project, from requirements gathering to working application. This ensures collaboration in what we develop, and shared success in the outcome.