Application Services

Shift your IT spend from legacy to leading edge. Modern applications deliver the experience customers want and the results you need. Sapphire Software Solutions can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise.

Application Services and Solutions

We use advanced technologies and methods to accelerate the creation, modernization, delivery and maintenance of high-quality, secure applications allowing you to innovate faster while reducing risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership.

Application Modernization
Unlock the business value in your legacy applications and accelerate your move to multi-cloud using industry-leading tools and agile best practices to migrate and modernize your applications.
Testing and Digital Assurance
Sapphire's end-to-end testing and digital assurance services enable clients to release secure, quality applications quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring your customers enjoy a great experience from the first time they use the application.
Modern Application Development
Our services enable your business processes to achieve their greatest outcomes in this digital era through rapid development of agile cloud-native applications, custom applications, microservices/APIs, and software engineering through the implementation of Agile, DevOps, and DevSecOps principles, secured use Sapphire's security platform and integrated into your hybrid technology environment.
Application Management Services
We provide transformative application management services, guiding customers to achieve a no-ops, zero-incident enterprise, reducing risk and optimizing customer experiences. We operate your modern IT estate at scale, leveraging Platform DXC™, the secure delivery platform that connects mission-critical IT systems with new digital solutions. DXC helps customers save up to 40% of application management spend by leveraging automation techniques, including cognitive automation and machine learning.