Consumer and Retail

As retail and CPG companies address new challenges and continued uncertainty, executives are managing several priorities simultaneously. From tracking changing consumer buying patterns to ensuring the supply chain meets more complex final-mile delivery options, industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernize, manage costs with rigor and curate ecosystems to drive sustainable growth.

Consumer and Retail Services

Sapphire can help retail and CPG companies unlock value and transform business with the Enterprise Technology Stack.
The retail industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. Rapidly evolving technologies, changing customer expectations, and emerging digital firms are driving widespread disruption. Clearly, from a plethora of new products, markets, and customer segments to the burgeoning expansion of sales and marketing channels (like mobile and social commerce), retail is at a tipping point. Customers are now demanding rich shopping experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected, and engaging. Additionally, several forces are revolutionizing the landscape: the explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud enabled as-a-service and experience, and outcome-driven digital platforms. This makes it imperative for retailers to showcase agility in tech adoption and business process optimization.

Consumer and Retail Services

Sapphire is helping many of the largest retail and CPG companies in the world harness the power of innovation and compete in today’s customer-centric environment. Leading industry brands trust us to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating new technology solutions to produce better business outcomes.

Analytics Services and Solutions
Sapphire Analytics advises, develops and implements modern analytics and AI solutions by applying industry expertise, technology and business solutions and services, proven methodologies, and experienced people. With our offerings, capabilities, and global reach, organizations accelerate digital transformation and confidently produce repeatable, AI-powered business outcomes.
Application Services
Shift your IT spend from legacy to leading edge. Modern applications deliver the experience customers want and the results you need. Sapphire can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise. ​
Cyber security isn’t only about IT. It’s about expanding beyond organizational walls into operations and products. Sapphire can help you stay ahead of adversaries by building resilience into your environment and becoming secure to the core.
Modern Workplace
With millions working from home globally, Sapphire helps businesses rapidly deploy, secure and scale remote working solutions. Enable your employees to work, connect and collaborate — with a more consumer-like, end-to-end digital workplace experience.
Business Process Services
Improve customer experience, optimize processes and reduce costs and time to market. Sapphire can help manage your business processes from front to back, freeing you to focus on what’s next.
Enterprise and Cloud Applications
Realize your business potential through your applications and digital capabilities. Sapphire’s strategic framework helps you simplify and transform applications, standardize platforms, digitize business models and automate operations to improve services, deliver more value and lower costs.