Sapphire helps manufacturers rapidly exploit the digital era. By aligning smart factory and Industry 4.0 concepts, our customers can manufacture their products faster, improve efficiencies and transform supply chains.

Sapphire in Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted industries across the globe. Without any notice, businesses are thrown in deep waters due to the unforeseen changes that are currently sweeping our lives.
Sapphire's technology independence, combined with our industry-leading partnerships and digital talent ecosystem, enable us to deliver innovative solutions with the scale, speed and agility required by leading manufacturers — producing new value and efficiencies to get the most out of technology investments.


Sapphire Software Solutions designs and deploys digital solutions for manufacturing customers at scale to modernize the way they use technology to deliver better outcomes. As manufacturers shift to digital technology, they face challenges in integrating new solutions with their existing technology landscapes.

Analytics and data management
Data and analytics drive the next-gen automotive and manufacturing industries. Sapphire brings powerful tools to drive digital transformation.
Smart factory with Industry 4.0
Implement new smart factories that align the latest Industry 4.0 principles and adapt existing IT to new models and production requirements. From software development to implementing digital manufacturing, we provide deep industry knowledge to help you increase efficiency. ​
DevSecOps in the manufacturing industry
Enable integrated development, security and operation capabilities (DevSecOps) so that software development, testing and operations teams can better work together, using automation wherever possible.
Digital transformation journey
Trust our advisory and consulting services to put you on the path to a digital manufacturing enterprise.
Unlock capital and transform business models
Increase business agility and innovation, reduce legacy IT costs, modernize and integrate IT/OT systems and rapidly respond to cyber-security threats.