Banking and Capital Markets

To thrive in the complex and competitive financial market, financial services firms need products and services that work for 21st century customers. Scale your digital efforts and deliver the financial services of tomorrow with Sapphire’s solutions and our robust partner ecosystem.

Banking and Capital Markets Services and Solutions

Sapphire is a proven partner for delivering strategic transformation of complex, mission-critical IT systems for our banking and capital markets customers.
Digital disruptions are forcing banks to rethink operating models. Today, corporate banking customers demand real-time interaction, service immediacy, and transparency. They want an experience on par with that of Uber or Amazon in corporate banking. Start-ups like TransferWise and Simple Tax have identified this need in retail banking, providing greater convenience in conducting transactions. The implementation of regulatory directives like PSD2 will result in banks competing with everyone offering commercial lending, financial services, and banking solutions.


With their dominance under threat, retail banking and corporate banking and commercial lending organizations are embarking on a trajectory for change.

Payments and Cards
A complete package of payment monitoring, cloud enablement, Transaction services and ISO 20022 compliance and supports advanced fraud and risk control Read More
Cash Management
Sapphire's integrated cash management system reduces governance and management expenses, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction. ​
Commercial and Corporate Lending
Sapphire provides end-to-end solutions across commercial lending and corporate lending, empowering banks to control operational costs.
Consumer Lending
Sapphire has extensive industry expertise in consumer lending in the areas of collection and collateral management.
Core Banking
Sapphire's core banking solutions cover the entire gamut of functionalities, from customer views to niche zones such as funds transfer.
Risk Management & Banking Integration
Sapphire's banking solutions are geared for enhanced visibility and augmented control, preempting operational risks and fraudulent transactions.
Financial Accounting and Software Applications
Sapphire provides an array of solutions for financial software applications across the entire trade finance value chain.
Treasury Management Software & Solutions
Sapphire has proven capabilities in developing treasury management application suites and providing technical support for multiple asset class management.