Sapphire helps the world’s leading OEMs and suppliers harness the power of digital technology solutions and services to improve customer experience, gain insight from data and take advantage of the digital connections across products, operations, sales and supply chain networks.

Sapphire in Automotive

The automotive sector is in a state of flux – emerging technology and fast-blurring boundaries between stakeholders are transforming the landscape rapidly. Increasing demand for personalized product and experience, rigorous quality standards, and reduction of operating costs are the major challenges faced by the auto industry.

We combine domain expertise, knowledge of operations and insights into new emerging technologies to offer a gamut of end-to-end solutions for the automotive industry. Our automotive IT solutions help clients to enhance digital experience of their customers, increase revenue, and improve operational excellence. We provide automotive consulting services to seven of the top 10 global automotive companies on solutions to improve experience, reinvent business models, and to enhance their interaction with the new digital customer.

Auto Services & Solutions

Drive new revenues and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions enable rapid time to value of innovative and transformative ideas, through complex technology integration and global delivery.

Automotive analytics and data management
Sapphire is paving the way with solutions for autonomous driving development, vehicle validation, supply chain management, spare-parts pricing, sales and marketing analytics, and more.
Smart factory with Industry 4.0
Shift your IT spend from legacy to leading edge. Modern applications deliver the experience customers want and the results you need. Sapphire can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise. ​
Development, security and operations
Enable integrated development, security and operations capabilities (DevSecOps) with a complete set of services from Sapphire Digital Applications DevSecOps.
Digital transformation and innovation in the automotive industry
Digital transformation focuses on our automotive customers’ needs in their transformation from car producers to mobility solutions providers.